Cost - $50 to $100 just to sign up and an average fee of $49 per month. They tell you your credit should improve in few months but in almost every case it takes well over a year. Their cost … Between $600 and $2400


Cost - Loan Saver PRO costs less than what most credit repair services charge for just their sign-up fee. Plus, Loan Saver PRO is over 90% more effective in improving your credit score. Our cost … Just $24.99 (Consumer edition)


Dispute Letters - Most credit repair company's use “pre-made” attorney letters to dispute information on your credit reports. We personally know of thousands of consumers who have received “will not take action” letters because the credit repair company they chose did use those “pre-made” attorney letters.


Dispute Letters - You don't write any dispute letters when using the Loan Saver PRO credit repair system, so it's impossible to receive a “will not take action letter.” We have used this system over 2000 times and have never had a dispute rejected by the credit bureaus.


Results - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. To get your scores into the 800's would take over 10 years of perfect credit, so don't believe it. Any credit repair service that promises a new car and a new house is not to be trusted. Unless of course, they plan on loaning you the down payment.


Results - We will never promise a certain score. However, we do promise that if you follow our system and are patient, your scores will increase significantly. On average, the Loan Saver PRO credit repair system gets our clients into the high 600's and low 700's. With those scores, you can likely get any loan or credit card you desire, and at the best rates possible.

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