The Mortgage Professional edition of LOAN SAVER PRO is a credit repair training guide that was developed specifically for the Mortgage Industry. The purpose of this training guide is to help Mortgage Professionals better serve their borrowers; which in turn creates new business opportunities. LOAN SAVER PRO: for Mortgage Professionals is perfect for seasoned Loan Officers, those just entering the loan origination business, or anyone involved in the Mortgage or Real Estate industries. No matter where you are in your career or what kind of volume you produce, LOAN SAVER PRO will separate you from the competition and guarantee you continued success.

Rate Card Adjustments - Help your borrower get the best rate possible by removing just a few negative credit items and bumping them up 2-4 spots on the rate card. In most cases you'll still have enough room to add another half point or more.

Save Declined Loans - No matter what the reason…Low middle score, DTI too high, or too many collections; Loan Saver PRO can save many of the loans you would normally have to walk away from.

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals - Once you have worked with a few borrowers and made the impossible happen , you won't believe how many friends they will tell. You'll quickly become known as someone who really can help.

Work Smarter Not Harder - This section teaches you how to manage your time and select the best borrowers to work with. This section will also help you understand 'under-promising' and 'over- delivering' and how it relates to credit repair.

Ordering the Right Credit Reports - This section explains the difference between the 'right' and ‘wrong' credit reports needed for credit repair. Also included is a separate document (Insider's Guide to Ordering Your Credit Reports) which you can send to your borrower to make sure they get the right credit reports.

Prioritizing Negative Items - This section shows you how to decide upon which negative items you will dispute for your borrower to insure the best success. This section features actual credit report examples and a color-coded guide which is amazingly easy to follow.

Online Disputes - This section uses actual credit bureau website screen shots to teach you the fastest most effective way to launch online disputes. Our system doesn't just tell you how to repair credit; we show you, step by step.

Borrower Management - This section teaches you how to manage your borrower during the credit repair process. Using 5 critical steps, we outline a borrower management strategy which will help prevent your borrower from shopping their loan with other lenders.

Results - This section helps you decide if it's time to run your borrower's credit again and get them into a loan that makes sense or if it's better to wait and continue the credit repair process.

Power of Attorney contract - This is a Microsoft Word document that should be used by those who will be charging their borrowers, or clients, for credit repair services. This document can be customized to include special pricing and contact information.


For the past several years, our company Loan Savers LLC, has been using the LOAN SAVER PRO credit repair system to help mortgage companies save mortgage loans and turn 'declined' borrowers into 'approved' borrowers. We provide our service to some of the largest mortgage companies in the country and LOAN SAVER PRO is the reason for our continued success.

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The newly released Private Label edition of LOAN SAVER PRO is a unique marketing tool that mortgage professionals can send to their credit challenged borrowers. We take the LOAN SAVER PRO credit repair system, re-brand it with your personal and/or company contact information, and then we give you full rights to unlimited electronic distribution which includes email delivery and CD/DVD burning.

So now, instead of just walking away from a borrower because of bad credit, you can actually provide them with something of great value. LOAN SAVER PRO: Private Label is a marketing tool that shows you really care and it will definitely separate you from the competition. 99% of the borrowers that are declined because of bad credit never hear from their Loan Officer again...Now you can make a difference.

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We now accept personal checks through PayPal!
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